The idea for Stud-Dogs.Info (SDI) is to collect and preserve as much information and data of terrier stud dogs as possible, in order to give a good view of the breed and also show developments in the breed to help breeders planning future litters and generations of terriers.

Stud-Dogs.Info  is a user-driven database site with some supervision and editing by SDI administrators and SDI crew members.

Anyone who has an Internet connection may freely browse the site and look at the information that has been collected and that is made available. However, to add, edit or remove information you must first be registered with SDI. Only the registered Owner can modify his own entries (also the SDI Administrators and SDI crew members can if there should be a problem).
The principle of SDI Database is to give registered users the possibility of collaboratively building up an informative database on terriers stud dogs.

Automaticly the registered User with his First- and Last name will be the Owner of the registered dog. After your registration with First- and Last name and also your Email adress you will get a Password to your Email account.

We have instituted a process of change-logs which will allow us to identify and follow up any time a member has modified entries on the site. If it turns out that someone has deliberately altered correct entries or in any way purposely sabotaged entries on the database by adding incorrect information this person will be excluded from the site.